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Everything You Need to Know About Buying New Homes in Lake Hartwell

With some of the most beautiful waterfront lots south of the Mason-Dixon line, it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing to live in Lake Hartwell every year. And why not? You get all the charm of this famously hospitable region coupled with beautiful scenery. It’s a dream destination for any family looking to find a quiet place to settle down.

But if you want to settle down in this idyllic region, you have two options: you can purchase an older cottage property that was preowned and likely requires a significant amount of repairs, or you can purchase a waterfront lot and build a new home that’s custom-made for you and your family.

When you want to build a dream home for you and your loved ones to spend special times together in, you should call Currahee Home Builders. We’re Georgia’s most expert custom home builders, and we’ve helped dozens of families build their dream home from the ground up around Lake Hartwell.

Are New Homes a Good Investment?

It’s no secret that Lake Hartwell has some of the most desirable property in the region, and tons of families make the commute every summer from Atlanta to spend time in this peaceful little corner of the Peach State. Building a brand-new home with us means your place will only appreciate in value over generations. Which means that you’re not just making yourself a perfect place to live—you’re building a legacy that you and your loved ones can share for many years to come.

Moreover, what a legacy that is— early morning fishing excursions, kicking back reading a book on the shore while the sun shines. It’s the stuff of dreams. And Currahee Home Builders is here to help you make it a reality.

So is building a new home a good investment? It’s not something that’s going to double your money in a year or two like playing the stock market might—if you’re extremely lucky. What we can guarantee is a beautiful place to live surrounded by eye-catching scenery that you and your family can enjoy for generations and generations. You might consider that a lucky outcome too, but it’s one that’s much more attainable.

Currahee Home Builders New Homes, Custom Home Builders and Builders

Custom Homes That Are Perfect Down to the Last Detail

The best part about working with Currahee Home Builders to build the home of your dreams is the way you can make every aspect of your dream home reflect your unique personality and values. If there’s one thing we value as a company, it’s our dedication to not stopping until the client is satisfied. But don’t take our word for it—our website features testimonials of past customers who fell head-over-heels for the new homes we built them.

If you want to learn more about what makes us the best builder of new homes in all of Georgia, give us a call or look at our blueprints on our website. Get dreaming about your own new custom home and call us today!

New Homes in Lake Hartwell

Though Currahee Home Builders builds new homes, we have a strong commitment to the tried and true secrets of home building that only the most experienced builders are familiar with. These traditional, hands-on approaches are the support beams for our company. They’re what we believe in. Without these values, Currahee Home Builders wouldn’t be any different from the build-by-numbers home builders that clutter the market.

It’s true that we bring the same values and methods to every home building project, but rest assured, we never build the same house twice. We want to build the house you’ve always dreamed of, not just the house that is the easiest to build. Since we have your best interests at heart, you can guarantee that we will keep you involved in every step of the planning and development of your home.

Don’t Let a Handyman Handle Your House Construction

Building your own home, even if you are a well-schooled handyman or carpenter, is extremely difficult. The skills of a handyman will only get a home builder so far. A handyman might have built a deck in the past, or maybe he fixed your neighbor’s kitchen sink in the past, but those experiences won’t ready someone for all the aspects of a custom home.

Benefits of Hiring a Home Builder

There are many reasons to hire a company like Currahee Home Builders. We’ve decided to compile a list of some of the best benefits of hiring professional home builders.

  1. Contractors are experienced! Most home builders wind up building several homes a year, so you can count on them being well-practiced in the art of construction. Currahee Home Builders has handled every problem imaginable, which has provided us with the knowledge to anticipate and avoid the rookie mistakes of the residential builder. Our services will be streamlined and all our work will have our stamp of approval.
  2. You’ll have one single point of contact. Building a home is a project with many variables. If things become disorganized or cluttered, things can go wrong in an instant. When you work with the residential home builders of Currahee Home Builders, we become your project’s point of contact. You won’t have to run around searching for answers from subcontractors, because we will be overseeing everything.
  3. Home builders know the industry. We don’t just bring our work ethic to every new project, we also bring our professional contacts along with us. Over the years, Currahee Home Builders has developed great cost-saving relationships with local suppliers of construction materials. This will allow us to pass the savings onto you! We also have many contacts for many reliable subcontractors with whom we work with on a regular basis.
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