New Home in Jefferson

At Currahee Home Builders, we realize that building a house and creating a home are two very different things.

To create a home, one must begin with a deep understanding of a client’s values, tastes, and goals. A home should perfectly reflect the way a person or family lives and the way they use their space.

Currahee Home Builders is proud of the fact that no two of our homes are completely alike. We believe that a home should be as unique and as distinctive as the people who inhabit it. For this reason, our clients are always encouraged to bring their creativity and imagination to the table, and no detail is ever overlooked.

Allow us to turn your dreams into tangible realities.

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Exceptional Home Builders In Jefferson

Looking to get away from it all—but not too far away? More and more families are choosing to settle down in Jefferson to raise children or to find a quiet place for themselves away from the noise and chaos of the city, and they’re choosing Currahee Home Builders for their new house construction.

With a driving distance of only one hour to Atlanta and thirty minutes to Athens, Jefferson provides the perfect combination of small-town living with proximity to all the modern conveniences you want from a bigger city. With real estate prices on undeveloped lots still extremely affordable for the average Georgian family, it’s the perfect spot to start construction on your dream home—and Currahee Home Builders are the perfect residential builders to help you achieve that goal.

Building Homes for the Future

Building a custom home is an exciting proposition for you and your community. When you work with us, we will design and build your home with your future, future residents, and the future of your community in mind. The best way to create timeless, high-quality homes is by using time-tested building techniques and building materials.

Your design can be anything you want it to be. We want to discuss your vision with you and help bring the idea down to earth by providing helpful suggestions to improve the home overall and keep your budget intact. When constructing beautiful custom homes, Currahee Home Builders never cuts corners.

Contact us right away if you have been considering having a new home built in Jefferson. We look forward to guiding you through the home-building process.

New Home Construction Project Management Pros

After so many years of crafting incredible homes in Jefferson, we understand what it takes to make your home-building project go smoothly. Our reputation was built on successful project completion. Every successful project needs strong leadership and organization. Regardless of your idea for the project, our job is to manage your expectations and break the project down for you, keeping you updated throughout the process.

Allow us to take the reigns on your home building project, and you will not be disappointed. All you must do is call and set up your initial consultation to discuss your custom home building project.

Book Your Custom Home Consultation

We want to sit down with you and discuss your idea in detail. We will meet with you however you prefer and talk about your idea at length.

We always encourage our clients to let their imaginations run wild. Our job is to bring the dream into real life, manage expectations, and make helpful suggestions to ensure your idea comes to life with the best results possible.

Throughout the discussion, we will lay out the entire plan, from drafting your home, creating the ideal budget and timeline, and meticulously going through the materials list.

Being home building experts, we will spot any problems with the design during the consultation process and sort everything out before we ever break ground. By the time the project begins, the plan will be so perfect. All we will have to do is follow the procedure.

New Home Construction You Can Trust

It’s easy to start dreaming about all the features you want your dream home to have. What’s not so easy is finding a reputable home construction company to help bring that dream home to life.

At Currahee Home Builders, we take the time to make sure every detail is just right. With dozens of homes built to perfection between metro Atlanta, Jefferson, and Lake Hartwell, we’re the residential builders you can trust to make sure your property is one-of-a-kind.

We pride ourselves on the quality of work that we provide. If you have been looking for an exceptional home building expert to take care of your project and walk you through the process, look no further than our team. We are always ready to get started on a new custom home project in Jefferson.

Creating a Custom Home in Jefferson

From the first rough sketches to the giddy excitement of completion and moving day, homebuilding is a multifaceted and deeply enjoyable adventure. The thrill of being surrounded by details and features you’ve carefully selected yourself is indescribable.

Your journey with Currahee Home Builders will begin with a consultation. When you meet with one of our design professionals, you’ll be guided through our extensive selection of custom-built home plans. You can add or subtract as you wish to any of our home designs and are unlimited in your scope of possibilities. You’ll also be presented with an extraordinary array of top-quality options and finishes as well as design-scheme and color-scheme palettes to get a sense of your ideas.

Your custom home will be built either on land you own, or on an exceptional property location sold to you by Currahee Home Builders. We go to great lengths to ensure that each build is a perfect extension of its surroundings and is built to take in the view and features that make your property unique.

After the location and design have been determined, we will carefully draft and review the plans and elevations, and construction will then begin. Our professionals involve you in each stage of the process, presenting you with lists of choices and options at every turn. With your project manager on site everyday, you can be certain of the quality of workmanship and logical flow of tasks.

Currahee Home Builders use only the finest building materials, without ever compromising on quality or durability. We emphasize energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in each of our projects.

Throughout the build, you’ll have full access to our team of highly-experienced design and construction professionals. Our objective is to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. You’ll also enjoy the added protection of our exceptional, industry-leading warranty packages.

With Currahee Home Builders, your custom-built home will provide you with a lifetime of serenity and joy.

When you’re seeking a home builder in Jefferson who will truly go above and beyond, contact Currahee Home Builders. Your dream home awaits!

Custom House Construction

Currahee Home Builders are Georgia’s most trusted custom home builders, and we’ve got six amazing floor plans on our website for you to get started with. From there, every aspect of your new home in Jefferson is fully customizable. Our floor plans are the jumping-off point for the custom home design you and your family will love living in.

Choose from a wide variety of materials and finishes. Everything from the floors in the basement to the cabinets in the kitchen is fully customizable according to your needs and wishes. We can make simple changes to the floor plan onsite without sending you to an expensive architect.

Your developer from Currahee Home Builders will sit down with you to iron out every last detail. We’ll begin from one of our basic plans, then add whatever you need to make your home truly your own. We’ll introduce you to our network of industry contacts who’ll take care of the flooring, the cabinets, or the windows, for example—then we’ll oversee the entire project, breaking ground on new home construction on schedule and on budget.

Transparent Pricing on New Builds

Starting a home construction project can be a huge financial commitment, so it always helps to know what you are getting into. Here at Currahee Home Builders, we pride ourselves on our upfront approach to our work, which means you will never be left in the dark regarding your new build. We will discuss your budget at the start of the project and work carefully to ensure that we stick to it throughout the entire building process. Hidden or surprise fees have no place in our business model, so you can always feel certain that you have all the information you need to make the right decision.

Keep Your New Construction Project on Schedule

When you hire our professional crew to build a house, you are guaranteed a smooth and efficient process. We put a lot of thought and attention into planning all our home construction projects, which helps ensure that they go according to plan. We make sure to account for any variables and factor them into our working model so that we are never caught off guard while constructing your new home. A drawn-out building process can easily dampen your excitement for the project, but that never has to be a concern when you hire our organized team of builders.

The plan for your build will be organized and well thought out that deviating from it would slow down the process. We value your time, and we know how important it is that things are met on time. We look forward to showing you how we've built a reputation in Jefferson as a dependable, expert home builders.

Get a Home That Will Last a Lifetime

We work hard to ensure that every home we build is made to last. Our careful planning, top-quality building materials, and advanced tools all contribute to our ability to create amazing homes that stand strong for many years. Our custom homes are guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment and provide you with a beautiful place to live your life. We never cut corners or take shortcuts with our work, which means every last detail of your home is certain to be perfect.

Home Builders with Years of Quality Work

With an impressive number of phenomenal building projects in our portfolio, Currahee Home Builders is proud to be your source for some of the best homes around. We put our heart and soul into every job we accept and are never satisfied with anything other than our best work. You don't just have to take our word for it, though—with many positive testimonials and press for our business, the local community agrees that we are always a great choice for new home builds in Jefferson.

Get Inspired by Our Past Building Projects

Our goal is to provide each and every one of our clients with a new home that is everything they wanted and more. Our broad skillset and creative approach to home construction have helped us create many amazing properties that are cherished by their owners. If you would like to get a better idea of what we are capable of, look no further than our gallery page. Here you will find a showcase of some of our great work and maybe even get some ideas for what you would like us to build for you.

Call Today to Set Up an Initial Meeting

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